Throughout the experience of establishing and running this project, there have been exceptional people that have given their heart and soul to helping.  Some of these people have never even been to Peru, but have been inspired by the project and given themselves fully to making it happen.   I would like to take a moment to acknowledge some of those people...


- Kali Erickson, who first introduced me to the Apurimac region and whose continuing support and guidance is invaluable to the project.

- Amanda Talbott, a graphic designer in Boston who has volunteered her time and creativity in the production of our first pamphlet.

- Chris Newson of CompanyJack who has kindly set up our website and given his time in designing it.

- Gordon Pearson and Liz McCutcheon at Nevisprint in Fort William, Scotland. They have printed 5,000 of our pamphlets for free!

- Jenny Wordley of Dentaid for her time, advice and assistance with the donation of equipment.

- The people of Ballater and Royal Deeside, Scotland for their continuing support and donations.

- John and Freda Nimmo and all our family and friends for their support.

- Carlos Lopez for his outstanding assistance in Customs, Lima.




- All our volunteers who have worked on the DPP trips providing care to the Peruvian  people - Louise, Ruth, Jill, Alan, Carlitos, Amit, Stuart, Nadia, Lesley, Eliana, Liz, Graeme, Jane, Lizzie, Marly, David, Andy, Hannah, Bob, Sherry, Tony, Paul, Murray, Robin, Roma, Simon, Caroline, Gemma, Fionna, Roisin, Gillian, Sharon,Stephen, Judy, Pam, Rik, Chris, Graham, Indi, Gurvinder,  Mary, Anna, Nancy, Michael, Raquel, Jessica, Margaret, Angus and Marie.

- Yesenia Yepez, my friend and colleague who helps run the trips.

- Leo Tupayachi, for keeping us safe on the roads and being our first-hand-man.

- Daniel Salazar, for his invaluable contribution to the trips. 

- David Sigelman for his inspiration and love of the people of the Apurimac.

- Sean Cash for making and editing our DVD.

- Tony North and the Jephcott Trust for their wonderful donation which helped us buy our truck!

- GlaxoSmithKline for the continued donation of Amoxycillin antibiotics to the project.

- Myra Kerr and all the ladies who knit the beautiful baby clothes for the babies and children of the Apurimac.

- Clark Kotula - my best friend and husband.  He dreamed of this project with me and together we turned our dream into a reality.  His continued support and involvement with every aspect of the charity gives me the strength and inspiration to continue this work.


Thank you to all these special people.  I, and the people of the Apurimac, are in your debt.




Dental Project Peru is a Recognised Charity in the UK and the USA.

If you are a UK taxpayer, we will automatically recieve an additional 28p from the government for every pound donated to us online through the gift aid scheme.

If you are an American taxpayer, any donation made to the charity is Deductible (under section 501(c)(3))

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