From 2003 to 2011, Dental Project Peru carried out successful dental expeditions to the Apurimac region of Peru.  Over the years the structure of these expeditions has evolved and changed.  But generally the dental teams that ventured to the Apurimac comprised of our permanent team of Peruvian employees together with overseas volunteer dental professionals - including dentists, hygienists and assistants.  It is in part thanks to these wonderfully skilled and caring team members that Dental Project Peru has been such a great success and service to our patients.



             As of 2012, Dental Project Peru will no longer be able to accept overseas volunteers to participate in our dental expeditions.  Unfortunately the time involved in the recruiting, planning, preparing and organising logistics is just not managable for an organisation of our capacity.  It is sad for us to say this because we have been able to provide so many dental professionals with such a valuable life experience over the years and in return we have grown a wonderful family of incredble dental professionals who have provided great care and service to our patients of the Apurimac region. 



Dental Project Peru will continue to provide dental care to remote indigenous communities of the Peruvian Andes however.  The team now consists of our local Peruvian dentist, Yesenia Yepez Vasquez, who has been working for the project for over 6 years.  Together with Peruvian driver.  We also continue to encourage local dentists to volunteer with us to provide a valued service to their countrymen.



          Although not organising the logistics of travel, accomodation, acclimitization etc for overseas volunteers - if dental professionals happen to be in or travelling to Peru at the time our expeditions are running then we would be delighted to hear from you and explore the possibility of you joining our team.

Or if you are not a dental professional and are in Peru with a desire to assist on one of our expeditions then again, we would be interested to hear from you and talk about you possibly joining the team.



 Please contact Yesenia Yepez Vasquez (preferably in Spanish) in Peru.  
 Cell Phone: (51) 984 398599




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