Dental Project Peru is able to operate thanks to financial donations from individuals and interested parties and companies.  Initially most of the support we received came from family and friends who were aware of the project we were trying to create.  For this support we would like to say a huge Thank You.


Since the project was established in 2003, we have raised enough money to buy and ship the necessary dental equipment needed to provide dental care in in the High Andes of Peru. In 2005, we were delighted to be able to buy our own 4x4 Toyota truck allowing us to independently run the Volunteer trips. 

However, as we continue to work and grow here in Peru our expenses continue to be an ongoing battle.  In order for the project to continue to realise its mission, we must constantly be searching and receiving donations. 

And so we have done everything possible to make donating to the project easy - for everyone!  See the options below for how best you can contribute to this cause:




The quickest, easiest and most secure way to donate is online with your Debit or Credit Card.  Simply click on the Donate button at the foot of every page on this website.  You will be taken to a secure site where can choose to either:

1) Make a one-time donation of your chosen amount

2) Set up a monthly donation of your chosen amount

If you choose to make a monthly donation, this "continuing support" is a very special way to help as it allows the project to plan for the future.



If you prefer to donate by Cheque, simply make your cheque payable to Dental Project Peru and pop it in the post.  We are able to accept cheques in the UK and the USA - in pounds or dollars respectively.  Please find the mailing addresses on the Address/Phone page of this website.




  As well as making donating easy for everyone, we have taken steps to ensure we get the most out of every pound or dollar donated!

  •  We are part of the Gift Aid Scheme in the UK.  If you are a UK taxpayer, when donating online, we automatically receive 28p from the governement for every pound you donate!
  • If you are a US taxpayer, every dollar you donate is Deductible from your tax return because Dental Project Peru is a recognised Public Charity (section 501(c)(3))!

 Doesn't that sound good?!

 All the donations we receive are extremely valuable and important to us.  We guarantee that every pound or dollar goes directly to the running of the project and the treating of our patients!



Thank you so much for your support.


Dental Project Peru is a Recognised Charity in the UK and the USA.

If you are a UK taxpayer, we will automatically recieve an additional 28p from the government for every pound donated to us online through the gift aid scheme.

If you are an American taxpayer, any donation made to the charity is Deductible (under section 501(c)(3))

Scottish Charity No: SC 034755

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