As well as donating directly from your own pocket, making people aware of the Dental Project and raising funds is a vital way to keep the pennies rolling in and the project moving forward!

There are lots of ways of fundraising and we want to support all your efforts.   We are happy to provide you with project leaflets, sponsor forms and even a DVD of the "project in action" to help you get word out to your family, friends and colleagues in order for you to gather funds.   There are lots of ways to go about fund raising but the newest and possibly most effective is to have a:




This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money.   You can   create your own website which people can log onto and donate directly online to your efforts.   Don't worry - this is EASY!   Just go to   where you can follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your fundraising page in minutes.   All you need is an idea of what you can do to get people's sponsorship.   Whether it be running, walking, shaving, singing..... whatever you fancy.   This way of getting sponsorship is great as it means you do not have to personally gather the funds but people go online and donate in their own time.  

A great success story of this type of fundraising is with Sharon Letters and Stephen Harding.   They are 2 volunteers who came to Peru in September 2006 to volunteer their time and skills on one of the DPP trips.   They created their own fundraising page with and raised over 6,500 pounds for DPP!!!!!!   They undertook the task of running the equivalent of 6 marathons each over a 6 month period by ways of 10Ks and half marathons.   Congratulations Sharon and Stephen - and thank you for your amazing efforts!


We have had other volunteers who have done outstanding jobs of raising funds for the project.   For example,   David Wilson, Murray Kerr, Robin Castro and Nadia Strock have raised a joint sum of over 7,000 pounds!   By telling their family, friends and colleagues about   the volunteer trip they were about to embark, they   were able to make the project real and relevant to so many other people.   With their own passion   and commitment to this work, they were able to engage the support of others.     They found the DPP literature and especially the DVD valuable tools in their efforts.


So why not put your thinking cap on and see what great ideas you can come up with in order to raise funds and awareness for Dental Project Peru.  Your support is so important to us and we Thank You for all your future efforts.  Please contact us  if you wish to receive any DPP literature or a copy of the DVD.  



Dental Project Peru is a Recognised Charity in the UK and the USA.

If you are a UK taxpayer, we will automatically recieve an additional 28p from the government for every pound donated to us online through the gift aid scheme.

If you are an American taxpayer, any donation made to the charity is Deductible (under section 501(c)(3))

Scottish Charity No: SC 034755

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